Tertuliano a fan of El Hormiguero asks Luis de la Fuente to take Celta to the crack

The Spanish coach attended the Pablo Motos program to make himself known to the general public and to review his plans with the national team

Louis of the Source was the guest of the anthill of Pablo Motos this past Tuesday. The coach, who has a much less media profile than Luis Enrique, is being the protagonist of a campaign by the RFEF to give the national team greater visibility. If there is a place where all of Spain finds out, it is without a doubt the Pablo Motos program.

As is usual, Luis de la Fuente first underwent an individual interview with the presenter of El Hormiguero, who did not hesitate to ask some details that with Luis Enrique were the cause of controversy. The famous red pants, training penalties, sexual relations during a concentration… Luis de la Fuente was friendly at all times.

Luis de la Fuente visited Pablo Motos’ Hormiguero

Luis de la Fuente stalked by Miguel Lago in El Hormiguero

The funny note was produced with one of the commentators, the comedian Miguel Lago. A confessed follower of Celta de Vigo, the collaborator of El Hormiguero wanted to make it clear to Luis de la Fuente the player who should go to the National Team. Obviously he is none other than Iago Aspas.

Miguel Lago has already given rise to talk in the past when he used the figure of Luis Enrique Martínez in one of his comedy shows for not taking Iago Aspas. One of the most critical through social networks with the old coach that he could not pass up the opportunity to influence the new coach.

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Luis de la Fuente dodges obstacles

Evidently, Luis de la Fuente, faithful to his calm and appeasing profile, did not go into any garden in El Hormiguero. He made it clear that since December 9, the day after he was appointed, he went to work. He admitted having a team in mind, with some new features, but that everything will depend on injuries, fitness and other circumstances.

The new coach is an honest, calm guy. He is not going to get into media trouble to take this or that one. We will have to wait until March to see the first call. Will Iago Aspas go? Will Sergio Ramos return? What will happen to Eric García, Ferrán Torres or Morata? We’ll be alert.

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