Terrorist attack in Norway? Iranian-origin man fired bullets outside the bar, 2 killed

Norway Terrorist Attack, Norway Attack, Oslo Terrorist Attack, Oslo Attack- India TV
Image Source : AP
Police stand guard at the site of a mass shooting in Oslo, early Saturday, June 25, 2022.


  • The 42-year-old suspect is a Norwegian citizen of Iranian origin, and has a criminal background.
  • After the attack, a rally in support of homosexuals has been cancelled.
  • A man killed 69 people in a 2011 shooting incident in Norway.

Norway ‘Terrorist Attack’: Firing of gunshots erupted in the Norwegian capital Oslo early Saturday, and as the atmosphere calmed down, many people were injured, and some had stopped breathing. According to reports, two people died while 10 others were seriously injured in this incident of firing outside a bar. Norwegian police say they are investigating the Oslo gun attack as a terrorist attack.

‘The accused fired at 3 places’

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Norwegian police officials said in a press conference that the 42-year-old suspect arrested in connection with the shooting is a Norwegian citizen of Iranian origin, and has a criminal background. Police have seized a pistol and an automatic weapon from the attacker. The accused opened fire at three places in a busy business area of ‚Äč‚ÄčOslo. The shooting incident in Oslo comes at a time when the city was preparing for an annual rally in support of homosexuals.

Popular among homosexuals

The bar outside Oslo’s London Pub, where the shooting took place, is very popular among homosexuals. On the advice of the police, the organizers have canceled the rally in support of homosexuals and all programs related to it. According to police, the shooting took place in the early hours of Saturday outside a bar in the heart of Oslo. It said the suspect has been arrested on suspicion of murder, attempt to murder and terrorism in connection with the firing at multiple locations.

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‘He wanted to create fear among the people’

Police attorney Christian Hutlow said the mental health of the accused was also being investigated. “We have enough evidence and grounds to believe that he wanted to create fear among the people,” Hatlow said. The shooting took place around 1 a.m. local time, with panicked people running through the streets and trying to hide from the gunman. The most traumatic incident of this first shooting in Norway occurred in 2011, when a right-wing man killed 69 people.

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