"Terror" opens new performances at the National Theater

The producer and director of Terror, Ramón Santana, closed with a flourish on July 9 at the Sala Ravelo of the National Theater a successful season that was accompanied by excellent reviews from the most important chroniclers of the national spectacle.

All the actors were celebrated and praised by specialized critics. For some Irving is in the best career role; Orestes reaffirms himself as a first character actor; Beba has been surprised by her histrionic capacity, in addition to the fact that many know her only as a television host and comedian, seeing her in this easy-going, emotional character with character has been a great success; Luvil reaffirms that she is one of the best actresses in the country, she convinces her with each of her lines; Richard from virtuality is an added value to the production; Yanela moved the audience with the most poetic and subtle character in the play, it is gratifying to see her in that register so different from what she has accustomed us to.

We must also highlight the secondary characters that show us that there is no small role: Madeline as the stewardess, she connects with the public, enchants with her voice and presence. Wordlessly Nathalia Rodríguez maintains her role and Xavier Ortiz is convincing in each of her small parts.

Another success, according to critics, was the set design by Fidel López, who managed to combine the experience of flying in an airplane where it takes place. Likewise, the lighting by Ernesto López and the music by Vadir González. Finally, the direction of Ramón Santana was branded as professional, effective and creative in favor of a philosophical theater that gives a twist to the commercial proposals that abound in the theater billboard. The public was surprised by how immersive and interactive the work is, since at the end the public votes and decides if the defendant is guilty or innocent. Making this show more than a play, a theatrical experience.

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Terror will return at the request of the public for three unique performances on Friday, September 29 and Saturday, September 30, and again on Sunday, October 1, in the Sala Ravelo of the National Theater. Tickets cost RD $1,800 at Uepa Tickets, CCN Servicios, Supermercados Nacional and Jumbo. Students pay RD $1,300 buying directly at the establishments with their card.

Synopsis: Terror, by the famous German writer and criminal lawyer Ferdinand Von Schirach, poses an ethical and moral dilemma that calls into question the fundamental principles of justice and human dignity. A plane with 164 passengers is hijacked by a terrorist (hence the title of the work, Terror). His intention is to crash it into a stadium with 70,000 spectators. To prevent this, a major from the German army decides to shoot down the plane, to avoid a greater tragedy. He now faces a trial where the public decides if he is a hero or a murderer, if he is guilty or innocent. Is fair always right? That is the approach of Terror.

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