Terrible wildfires in Chile, 13 dead, heartbreaking videos

Santiago: The terrible fire in the forests of Chile is spreading, so far 13 people have died due to the fire, while 35 thousand acres of land have been destroyed.

According to foreign media reports, a series of forest fires continue to devastate Chile. Chilean authorities said on Friday that the flames have engulfed an area of ​​14,000 hectares (35,000 acres), and hundreds of houses have been destroyed. have done

Eleven people, including a firefighter, were killed in Santa Juana, a town in Biobio, about 310 miles south of the capital Santiago, local officials said, while an emergency aid helicopter crashed in the southern region of La Aracaña, killing the pilot and A mechanic was killed.

According to a statement by Chile’s interior minister, the fire is burning in 39 locations, and is growing in intensity, with flames so high that the sky has turned red.

Hundreds of firefighters are trying to control the blaze, which is being supported by 63 aircraft, which officials say has been fueled by dry and hot winds from Argentina.

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