Terrible train accident: The hearts of the viewers were broken

A herd of cows running on a railway line in India was crushed by a train, killing 11 cows and injuring several others.

In the Sambhal district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, farmers, worried about stray cattle, drove a herd of cows onto a railway track.

According to Indian media reports, a herd of two dozen stray animals was running on the railway track when the high-speed Dehradun Express reached there, crushing 11 cows and injuring many others.

The train was halted after it hit a herd of cows and could be sent onward an hour later. Locals said that the cows here are destroying the standing crops in the fields near the Aligarh, Moradabad railway track. The farmers would probably get angry and drive these cows towards the railway tracks.

A local person told the media that more than 12 such incidents have taken place in the area in the last two months.

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