Terrible tornadoes in America, 26 people died, thousands of people lost electricity

Tornadoes have left behind a story of destruction in several states of the United States, 26 people have died in various accidents, many houses have been destroyed due to the storm, and thousands of people are currently without electricity.

According to foreign media, about 60 tornadoes have been reported in the US states so far and due to bad weather, there have been deaths in various accidents in the states of Arkansas, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, Alabama and Mississippi.

According to the American news agency, Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders declared a state of emergency on Friday and mobilized the National Guard for rescue operations.

The governor said that he has also discussed the situation with US President Joe Biden and the president has assured assistance from the federal government.

Millions of people lost power in several states due to the terrible storm. According to the American website Power Outage, the states of Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania are the most affected.

Just a week before the recent devastating storm, a similar disaster in Mississippi killed 26 people.

The National Hurricane Center has warned that a few tornadoes may have extended range.

Last week’s Mississippi tornado, which traveled about 60 miles per hour and 10 minutes, an unusually long time for any tornado, damaged 2,000 homes.

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