Terrible storm in America, the death toll has reached 26

Terrible tornadoes caused widespread destruction due to tornadoes in the United States, 26 people died in various accidents, President Joe Biden declared a state of emergency.

US President Joe Biden has approved the declaration of a state of emergency for Mississippi following the devastating storm.

A foreign news agency According to the report Tornadoes disrupted normal life in the US states of Mississippi and Tennessee.

Winds of up to 170 miles per hour reduced homes to rubble, wrecked cars, and left millions of consumers without power.

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency has warned of an increase in the number of casualties, and millions of people have been evacuated so far. According to the weather service, Mississippi and Alabama are still expected to experience strong winds, hail and tornadoes today.

The National Weather Service has warned residents that relief operations are underway but the danger is not yet over. Last month, several tornadoes hit Central America, causing massive destruction and injuring many people. This storm of cold winds increased the severity of the weather across the country.

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