Terrible fires in Greece again, displacement begins

Athens: Nearby areas have been evacuated following a devastating forest fire in Greece.

According to foreign media reports, two weeks ago the fire destroyed the northern part of the area and now the new part is destroying the southern part.

Authorities say more than 40 firefighters, 20 fire engines, three drones and two helicopters are battling the blaze.

According to media reports, the fire is spreading rapidly towards the village of Faijia, due to the terrible fire, a large number of people are being evacuated from the coastal tourist village of Marmari and boats have been prepared to deal with any untoward incident.

It is noteworthy that since July, a terrible fire in the northern part of Greece had burned to the ground the forests of the southeast, including the islands of Eva and Rhodes, and several parts of the peninsula of the Peloponnese, killing three people.

The government has blamed the worst heatwave for the blaze.


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