Terrible end of drinking water from teacher’s pot

New Delhi: A heartbreaking incident has taken place in the Indian state of Rajasthan as a result of which a Dalit child has died.

According to an Indian media report, a heart-rending incident has come to light in Rajasthan’s Jalur district, where a third-grade Dalit student, Inderkumar Saraswati, was brutally tortured by a teacher for drinking water from a matka.

As a result of the brutal and narrow-minded teacher’s worst torture, the child’s ears and eyes were severely affected and he died after suffering from a life and death struggle for twenty days.

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According to the grieving family members, the incident took place on July 20.
The report said that on July 20, Indira Kumar went to school to study, while angry teacher Chil Singh beat Indira Kumar for drinking water from a pot.

The report alleged that the teacher slapped the child for drinking water from the teacher’s vessel, causing internal injuries to the child’s right ear and eye.According to the relatives, the child was admitted to private hospitals in Bagoda, Bhanmal, Desa, Mehsana, Udaipur due to severe pain in the ear.

Later he was shifted to Civil Hospital Ahmedabad for treatment where he died during treatment.

After registering the case, the local police has detained the accused teacher.

It should be noted that Modi’s India has a history of cruel violence against minorities, but the Indian media has also taken up the recent incident.

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