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Terra (LUNA) CEO Gets Police Protection After Threatening Visit

Terra (LUNA) CEO krijgt politiebescherming na dreigend bezoek

The wife of Do Kwon, the founder of the terra (LUNA) cryptocurrency and CEO of Terraform Labs, received an unexpected visit this week. An unknown person broke into the couple’s apartment complex. The local police reported this to the South Korean financial daily Money Today:

Unknown person breaks into Terra (LUNA) founder

According to the publication, yesterday an unknown person crawled through a hole next to the communal entrance door of the apartment complex. The person then took the elevator and stairs to the front door of Do Kwon and his wife’s home.

He or she then rang the bell and asked Do Kwon’s wife where the terra founder is. Apparently the brief visit was so imminent that she immediately called the police and asked for personal protection. According to Money Today, she’s getting this one.

She also told police that someone had leaked Do Kwon’s home address after the LUNA and UST fiasco. The LUNA price has now collapsed by 100% and UST is also currently down 92%. Due to the enormous crash, emotions are running high and many investors are angry. There are even stories that there are investors who are considering suicide because they used all their savings and have now lost it.

South Korean police are currently looking for the suspect and may charge the unknown person with burglary. It is currently unknown whether the person was a LUNA investor himself, although the probability seems high.

Do Kwon was initially very quiet when the races started to crash. The day before yesterday he announced a first measure and a day later more measures were announced by the team. However, we haven’t heard from the founder since.

Bitvavo is also coming up with a scheme and will compensate LUNA investors on its platform to some extent.



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