Terra Founder: “Learn From This Crypto Crash”

The founder of the now infamous Terra (LUNA) network, Do Kwon, shared his thoughts on the crypto crash on Twitter today. According to Kwon, it is important that everyone learns a lesson from the current carnage called the crypto market.

Do Kwon gives advice

According to Do Kwon, the events of the past month could be important lessons for any crypto user. What is happening now will ensure that new heights are reached in the future, Kwon said.

It is, of course, somewhat remarkable that Kwon shares these words. Some of the current misery in the crypto This is because the market can possibly be attributed to his actions, whether unconscious or not. Do Kwon was at the helm during one of the most painful downfalls of a crypto project in history. This demise also had a major impact on the rest of the crypto market.

“Be the Change You Want to See The last month for crypto has lessons that will push the rise of the next-gen of builders to great heights”

The benefits of DeFi

Do Kwon also said that he is still a strong supporter of the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. According to him, DeFi can completely change the world. DeFi users can break free from authority and gain financial independence. Well, Do Kwon says, they will have to accept the high volatility of the DeFi sector. According to Kwon, the fact that many DeFi projects are now completely going down should not affect anyone’s point of view.

“Decentralized Finance and Decentralized Money are protesting state-sponsored violence versus financial sovereignty. Volatility is a price that believers pay to achieve that sovereignty. Liquidations should not disprove those beliefs.”

In addition, according to Do Kwon, it is important that more robust systems are built that can withstand attacks from different angles. Again, remarkable that it is precisely Do Kwon who gives this advice, but of course he hits the nail on the head.

“Create systems that are stronger and more resilient to those attacks. Take on the challenge or surrender – but be honest whether you’re fighting for a sovereign future or for higher numbers. Crypto wins if there are more in the first camp than in the second.”

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