Teresa Perales recovers from dislocation and returns with diplomas

There is no obstacle to slow it down. Not even an injury. When Teresa Perales suffered a dislocation in her left shoulder during the European Championship in Madeira on May 17, it seemed that the dream of Tokyo was dissipating. He spent months swimming with only one arm, his right. To the point that, on the same day that the names of the representatives for these Games were made official, the Aragonese confessed how difficult it would be to be able to see her in a final.

Nevertheless, Teresa did not give up. Err err. Already in the CAR of Sierra Nevada, he tried to remove the sling and swim with both arms. The sensations were good and the times, too. He confirmed it at the Tokyo Aquatics Center. He qualified for the finals in the 100-meter freestyle S5 and the 4×50-meter freestyle relay, where ended up signed two fifth places and, therefore, two diplomas.

I feel better and I have worked a lot. I am very happy to have made it this far. I’m not going to lie to you, at some point I came to dream of a little more, but seeing where it came from … Just a month ago I started swimming with both arms, although the left gives me a lot of war. In fact, as soon as I get back from here I go under the knife“, explained the swimmer, 45, aware of what has been achieved:”I am bordering on the miracle for being able to be competing. I really enjoyed myself, I came out smiling and I was not particularly nervous. I deserved to be here and I’m looking forward to more. “

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The brand new Princess of Asturias Award for Sport, who has collected 26 medals from five Paralympic Games, has been gaining confidence in her movements. “He had not tried to make a strong turn like the one done in competition and it is one of the most dangerous movements for the left arm. This morning I saw that it was staying in place and this afternoon I have already thrown myself without fear. Then it is what the body endures. I have been standing without touching water for a month or so and another fifteen days I swam with only one arm, which was very hard. Now what have I been able to do. I am happy because I have given everything, “said Teresa Perales.

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