Tere: the piece that Vilda was missing

Spain arrived at this World Cup with all the pieces fitted except one. Fstood one in the center of this puzzle. Goal, defense and forward had the bases laid. But the center of the field had an important deficiency. The 6, that piece 6 that seems so important to the coaches And more in a tournament like a World Cup, where the best teams on planet earth are.

Vilda has found that missing piece. That cane is Tere Abelleira. The Galician has gone from being almost unknown to stealing prominence from the best. She has gone from the Second Division to being a member of Real Madrid, playing in the Champions League and being untouchable with the National Team in a World Cup.

“That’s what we brought her in for. She’s a player who fits perfectly into our system.”


“What he has done on the field says what he is and what he can become. He has played a brilliant game. He is performing very well in the six. We brought her for that. She is a player who fits perfectly into our game system. He is doing a great job of improving. It’s a joy to see her on the field”, admitted the coach after his recital against Zambia.

soccer family

Soccer has run through Tere’s veins since he came into the world on January 9, 2000. Normally, his birth coincided with the success of Deportivo’s elite, the club of his heart. The whole of Galicia vibrated with the Riazor team’s League. And she did it in the arms of her father, Milo Abelleira, a renowned trainer from those lands. Soccer and Tere are linked by an umbilical cord that is unbreakable. At 23 years old, she gets recognition from her. And more than deserved. Young and veteran of La Roja are amazed with her.

“She is a great player, although she has more characteristics offensively, but in this World Cup she is coming out. He is cutting a lot of balls defensively, he has improved a lot in that. He has a way out of the ball, he is very calm, he can filter passes for you. She has a shot from outside the area… I’m happy for her, she deserves it. She has made two great matches ”, Ivana dares to admit.

“She’s a great player, even though she has more features offensively, but in this World Cup she’s getting away”


Carmona, another of her colleagues and friends, has no words: “The World Cup that Tere is doing is spectacular. She has improved a lot. As a player she is growing in these last months. They are being seen, she is standing out a lot on the field, making herself noticed ”. “It’s very easy to play with Tere, we understand each other very well,” says Paredes.

The madridista receives praise with that shy smile that is not seen when she is on the pitch. There he lets see that power with his presence. Go meters regardless of the reason. “I feel very good, very comfortable. Here the teammates make it easy for each other, I feel good on the pitch. I thought when the goal ‘host, just scored in a World Cup

And what comes to Tere’s head, her father. The hours spent on him, the learnings have been worth something. “I thought of my family, it is by and for them. My father is here, he lives football a lot, it is incredible to experience it close to him”. Vilda and all of Spain is grateful to Milo Abelleira.

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