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Ter Stegen: “There are people who have written things about me to add more fuel to the fire”

Ter Stegen: "Hay gente que ha escrito cosas de mí para echarle más gasolina al fuego"

Marc Andre Ter Stegen He spoke this Wednesday before the media at the press conference prior to Naples-Barcelona. Are

How does it feel, how is it, how is the knee? How is your state of form?

It is that, in the end, people always give their opinion and have more knowledge than everyone. They know even more than me. I always try to give my best. If I was out of shape, I wouldn’t be on the field. I have so much responsibility with this club and with myself personally, that if that happened I wouldn’t be able to play. I couldn’t even be in a press conference with you. I feel fine. The team is also in good form and I will try to give my best. Sometimes it goes well, other times not so much. And there are very good moments and others less good. I train to be able to give my best and one hundred percent in all the games I play.

What would it mean for the locker room to pass the tie?

A lot. We are in a good moment. Playing better than a few months ago. We have many young people and they are beginning to understand this process. We try to win every game and in recent weeks we have taken a step forward. We have improved in many aspects. And I’m happy with the performance of the players.

Do they still need continuity?

Xavi has a very clear idea of ​​how we have to play. And in a moment you can’t change. It looks like we’re enjoying ourselves and I’m sure we’ll end up enjoying ourselves. Knowing what you have to do, you are more confident. Napoli have a lot of quality. No game is easy. We will have to suffer in Naples but we are going to try.

Two years ago, everyone said he was among the best goalkeepers in the world. Do you think he has not progressed as he expected?

I have always tried to improve all these years. As in any profession, if you get injured you cannot work. And you have to recover well. Until that moment I had no injuries. I am working hard and I am convinced that the results will come. In recent weeks, there are people who have written things to add more gasoline to the fire. You are like that and I understand it. But I understand. I see it all. You don’t see it. I am happy with my performance. There are many things that I am doing well.

How do you see Dembélé, would you like him to continue?

They are decisions of each one. The club wanted to renew him. We want you to stay with us. It has a lot of capacity and we want to take advantage of it. But the decision will be yours. I don’t get involved in things that aren’t mine, but he is a player who can make a difference and who is good for any team in the world. But our intention is for him to continue.

He has said that the press has written things to add gasoline. Are there things that have been written and are not true?

I’m fine thanks. I see what I’m doing. I don’t give much importance to what I’m reading. I understand that there are things that everyone can say and that is what I understand. It’s been that way since I’ve been playing football. That is what I said. You do your job. It doesn’t bother me, it’s normal.

Do you think they are favorites?

We are playing well and that gives us peace of mind. It is what I said at the beginning of my appearance. Winning the weekend gives you peace of mind, but that doesn’t mean that everything will continue like this. We will go out to win.

Are you ready for penalties?

You have to be prepared for everything. This is decided by details. I will analyze everything well tonight. I hope we can get through in 90 minutes. And if not, we are prepared for everything.

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