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Ter Stegen: “Luckily we have won”

Ter Stegen: "Menos mal que hemos ganado"

Marc-André Ter Stegen spoke at Movistar after the win against Dinamo.

With what feeling do you leave?

It was vital. Good thing we won. Sometimes they always create. But in general we played a good game and I’m happy

Why do they generate so much with so little?

Right now, we have lacked people ahead. But today in the second half we were better positioned and that helps the forwards. In the last games they had created danger for us and they had marked us the first time. We were able to keep a clean sheet and that makes us happy and content.

What capacity does Ansu have for the goal

Yes, we have to make some adjustments to make it even better and each one is more in its place. But this goal helps us a lot. It’s what we wanted, to win this way

Is it a psychological triumph?

There are three points and it will always be three points, but with this victory we have peace of mind because the situation is not easy. And, from now on, try to grow. We will be attentive for the game of the weekend.

How have the previous hours been after Agüero’s announcement?

Health is the most important thing and the first thing is that you recover. Soccer is secondary. We hope that he will recover as soon as possible and see how it is, but health is the first thing.

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