Tense calm in Sudan at the start of a new truce

Khartoum (BLAZETRENDS).- Khartoum woke up this Tuesday in a tense calm for the first time since fighting broke out between the Sudanese Army and the paramilitary group Rapid Support Forces (FAR) ten days ago.

The belligerent parties have initiated a new truce of 72 hours, agreed with the mediation of the United States.

Both the Army and the FAR announced in separate statements that they will comply with the new pause, the sixth since last the 15th, which came into force at 10:00 p.m. GMT on Monday, as announced yesterday by the US Secretary of State. , Antony Blinken, who has asked the sides for a “permanent cessation of hostilities.”

Although the FAR denounced that Army fighters have been flying over various suburbs of Khartoum since early in the morning, no bombings or combats have been reported as was the case in the previous pauses.

“We renew our absolute commitment to the humanitarian truce declared for a period of 72 hours and we commit ourselves in all its conditions in order to open humanitarian corridors for citizens and national residents of brother and friendly countries”, said the powerful group of the FAR in your note.

For its part, the Sudanese Army has confirmed its respect for the pause “to alleviate the suffering of our citizens and for humanitarian reasons, on the condition that the rebels agree to stop all hostilities and meet the requirements for their continuation.” ”.

The evacuation of foreigners and the exodus of Sudanese continue

The new truce comes amid the exodus of thousands of Sudanese to safe areas in Sudan and other neighboring countries, and as dozens of countries continue to evacuate their nationals and withdraw their diplomatic personnel.

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Egypt, Sudan’s northern neighbor and a country that hosts a large Sudanese colony, has announced an emergency at the border posts with the African country to facilitate the arrival of thousands of Egyptians and Sudanese to its territories.

The Cairo authorities allow Sudanese to enter the country only with a passport, without a visa, and “minors may enter with their parents, without travel documents,” according to official sources quoted by local media.

The new ceasefire was announced on Monday by the head of US diplomacy who urged the Sudanese Army and the FAR to respect and immediately apply this arrangement, and to negotiate a permanent cessation of hostilities.

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