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Tennis Rafa Nadal changes target at Australian Open Mairenis Gomez – December 6, 2023 – 5:38 p.m

Rafa Nadal is preparing to return to tennis after hip surgery

Rafa Nadal, the 22-time Grand Slam champion, is preparing for a highly anticipated return to the ATP Tour in 2024. The Spanish tennis player has to undergo hip surgery opens a new chapter in his careerOne where the pursuit of perfection and the pinnacle of tennis gives way to a more focused approach to feeling good as a competitor again.

own Nadal has recognized the challenges he faces at the start and has expressed his willingness to forgive himself if things don’t go well in the early stages of his return. “But I know that if I maintain the dream and the spirit of work and my body responds to it without a doubt, there could be a not too distant future where things can change,” he explained.

Rafael Nadal
In a translated video shared on his social media, Nadal spoke about his attitude towards this comeback, emphasizing the need not to try too hard and to give himself time to get used to the competition again.

Nadal and his new adventure at the Australian Open 2024

The now 37-year-old Nadal sees this return as “uncharted territory”, although he has successfully resumed his career several times after long breaks due to injury. Last week he announced he would begin his 2024 season in Brisbane and it was confirmed he would enter the Australian Open via a protected ranking. This will be his 19th Australian Open, a tournament that has had significant moments in his career.

The Spanish tennis player shared his nervousness about providing updates given the time that has passed since their last competition. Nadal played just four matches in 2023 and was forced to retire in the second round of the Australian Open due to a left hip flexor injury.

Realistic expectations and a different approach for Nadal

Nadal approaches his return over the course of his career with realistic expectations and a different approach. “I hope I don’t expect anything from myself,” he said, referring to his new mentality. This change in attitude reflects maturity and understanding that his current situation is different from any other he has faced in his career.

Finally, Rafael Nadal is about to return to tennis with a renewed and realistic perspective. Although the challenges are obvious, her spirit and determination remain as strong as ever. The tennis world is eagerly awaiting how this chapter in the illustrious career of one of its greatest champions unfolds.

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