The Dominican tennis player, Rafa Cabrera, was crowned champion in the U-15 category by beating the Brazilian, Felipe Faustino de Lara, by a score of 3-1, in the final, at the World Table Tennis Championship, which was held with resounding success in Lima, Peru, at the Villa Deportiva Nacional


Immediately, the president of the Board of Directors of Club Deportivo Naco, the immortal Mario Alvarez Soto, took the opportunity to congratulate the athlete of the National Table Tennis Team, who is a member of Club Naco, for his resounding triumph in Lima, Peru, where he raised the national flag.

Alvarez Soto affirmed: “Rafa Cabrera is a real source of Naco pride and gives us a lot of satisfaction, joy, both to his coaches, teammates and his parents.

Then he abounded: “The sport of our club will continue to be one of the important points of our organization, since our athletes, in all sports, are our true ambassadors who raise the tricolor flag high in international fairs,” Mario Alvarez stressed. Soto.

Cabrera, who is an active athlete from Club Deportivo Naco, continues to thresh his growing career in world table tennis with great success.

He was awarded by the RD Ambassador in Peru

At the award ceremony, the Dominican ambassador in Lima, Peru, the diplomat, Alejandro Arias Zarzuela, was in charge of delivering the first place plaque to the athlete from his country, Rafa Cabrera.

In the regular round, Rafa Cabrera finished with a 2-0 record. In the quarterfinals he defeated Iván Santino Pastore, from Paraguay, with a score of 3-0 and with that victory he advanced to the semifinal.

Already in the semifinal, the Dominican tennis player disposed of Enrique Ríos, from Puerto Rico, with a closed score of 3-2 in order to reach his pass to the final.

For the dispute over the crown of the U-15, the criollo faced the Brazilian Felipe Faustino De Lara with a score of 3-1.


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