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Tennis legend “thanks” Piqué for winning the Davis Cup

The prominent Swiss racket player and the charismatic American tennis player criticize the changes in the international tennis tournament

The empty stands during the series between Switzerland and France at the AO Arena in Manchester caused a lot of talk. The focus is on Gerard Piqué, who finds himself in the eye of the storm after the drastic changes in the Davis Cup. Tennis legends such as Stan Wawrinka and Mardy Fish voiced strong criticism, while Feliciano López, director of finals, defended the new format.

Stan Wawrinka, a three-time Grand Slam winner, expressed his dissatisfaction on social media by posting a video showing the virtually empty stands during the match between Switzerland and France in Manchester. He accompanied his release with emoticons that reflected his anger. The image of a stadium as prestigious as the AO Arena with empty seats is shocking, and Wawrinka did not hesitate to name Gerard Piqué and the International Tennis Federation (ITF) as those responsible.

Davis Cup Pique
expressed his dissatisfaction on social networks by sharing a video that showed the stands were practically empty

Stan Wawrinka and Mardy Fish criticize Gerard Piqué’s changes in the Davis Cup

For his part, Mardy Fish, former player and former captain of the US teamjoined Wawrinka’s criticism on Twitter, declaring that “they killed Davis.”. His words reflect the concern of many in the tennis community that the once exciting and passionate tournament has lost its essence.

In stark contrast to the criticism of Wawrinka and Fish Feliciano López, director of the Davis Cup Finals, defends the tournament’s current format. From Valencia, López argues that this format is the ideal given the current circumstances in the tennis circuit. He points out that even in the series between South Korea and Serbia at the Fonteta in Valencia, 80% of tickets were sold, even though Spain did not play.

Feliciano López defends the new format

For López, this is proof that the public is responding positively to the new approach. However, on the track the reality is different. A video shared by Wawrinka shows that the stands at the AO Arena in Manchester were noticeably emptywhich raises questions about the effectiveness of the new Davis Cup format in attracting fans.

The Davis Cup, once one of the most prestigious tournaments in tennis, has struggled to maintain its relevance for years. Ultimately, it remains uncertain what criticism and controversy there will be Gerard Piqué and the ITF emphasize the need to find a balance between innovation and respect for history and the essence of tennis. The world of tennis and the fans who follow it passionately will be watching closely to see what the future holds for this legendary tournament.

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