Tennis expert gives Carlos Alcaraz a huge stick: “It won’t happen again”

French coach Patrick Mouratoglou criticizes the comparison between the Big 3 and the current world number one

The world of tennis is in the midst of a heated debate about the new era of the sport, iwhere the achievements of Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are compared to the future potential of Carlos Alcaraz, the young Spanish tennis player of only 20 years. However, renowned French coach Patrick Mouratoglou, known for his work with Serena Williams, does not agree with this comparison.

In a lengthy post on his Instagram account: Patrick Mouratoglou made his position clear on the comparison between the Big 3 and Carlos Alcaraz. The manager labeled the idea of ​​labeling the young Spaniard as part of the Big Three as ‘nonsense’. He firmly believes that we are in a different era in tennis and that the combination of Djokovic, Nadal and Federer as the sport’s dominators will never be repeated.

Carlos Alcaráz
The debate about the new era of tennis

Patrick Mouratoglou’s vision: “I don’t like the idea of ​​giving Carlos Alcaraz the Big 3 label”

Despite highlighting Novak Djokovic’s achievements, Patrick Mouratoglou also insists that the The young Spaniard has proven to be a tennis player with impressive qualities. For him, however, calling him part of the Big Three is meaningless.. Mouratoglou is the current coach of Holger Rune, currently the sixth-best tennis player and a possible rival for Alcaraz in the future.

Likewise, Patrick Mouratoglou explained his point of view on Alcaraz’s surprising victory over Novak Djokovic in All England. According to the French manager, it’s Alcaraz’s ability to face the big favorite and the mental strain of keeping high scores they could have been crucial to his triumph.

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Djokovic and the pressure to be the most successful

Mouratoglou argues that Even though Djokovic is the most successful tennis player in history, the pressure and tension may have worked against him at crucial moments during the match against Alcaraz. The coach recognizes the undeniable talent of both tennis players but emphasizes the uniqueness of Carlos Alcaraz.

Definitive, Experienced coach Patrick Mouratoglou’s opinion added a new dimension to the exchange of views about the new era of tennis and the comparison between the big names of the past and the new promises. Despite Carlos Alcaraz proving to be an outstanding talent in the tennis world, Mouratoglou defends the idea that every player is unique and that labeling Alcaraz as part of the Big Three is unnecessary. The future of tennis looks exciting and promising and only time will tell how the careers of these talented players develop. player.

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