Ten reasons for River champion

1) It was much more than the others

It is no coincidence that River has been crowned so early. It was the best because it had a much higher quality of play, performance and a much richer squad than the vast majority of its rivals. He offered the technician Martín Demichelis variants that almost nobody could have. And Demichelis knew how to take advantage of it and enhance it. Nobody won more than River (18 games out of 25) nor did they score as many goals (45). That is why he is the champion.

2) A forceful locality

After the unexpected defeat against Arsenal (2-1 on the fourth date), the Monumental was an unbeatable bastion: in fact, not only did River not lose more, but it also won the eleven games it has played since then. And he is on his way to breaking the historical record in the matter that was achieved during the Marcelo Gallardo cycle: fourteen consecutive victories between the local championship and the Copa Libertadores.

3) A long and wide squad

It has already been said that the River squad is the best in Argentine soccer and seems to be plenty for the local media. Perhaps only among the archers there are marked differences between the starter (Armani) and the substitute (Centurion). But in the rest of the positions, the internal competition is intense: there are two and even three players available per position. Demichelis always had a lot to choose from. And the rotations to which the double competition forced him, except in the match against Barracas Central in which he perhaps changed excessively, did not affect the idea of ​​the game or the effectiveness of the team.

4) The richness of the medium

There was one of the keys to the championship: the same players (Aliendro, Enzo Pérez, De la Cruz, “Nacho” Fernández and Barco) were able to occupy different positions and put together different schemes. And when the area had to be oxygenated, Kranevitter, Palavecino, Paradela and Simón contributed from the bench. The River Plate midfield was ductile, with a lot of mobility, arrival and goal (he converted 18 of the 45 goals of the campaign).

5) Beltrán beat them all

The Cordoba center forward returned from his loan from Colón to compete, a priori at a disadvantage, with the international trade of Miguel Borja and Salomón Rondón. But he ended up taking the job. Julián Alvarez had set the bar of demand very high. And Beltrán was able to jump it: he is the team’s top scorer with eleven goals and he also met all the demands: he threw himself back to connect or pivot with the midfielders, touched, went looking, returned walls and exerted the first line of pressure. His championship has been so good that whoever wants to take him to Europe must put 25 million euros on the table for River.

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6) Two confirmations

Rodrigo Aliendro and Esequiel Barco arrived in the last stretch of Gallardo’s cycle. And only now were they able to affirm themselves and agree with the technician who had requested them. Aliendro entered to accompany Enzo Pérez and did not come out again: he confirmed his condition as an integral midfielder capable of putting soles in the middle, but also of playing with judgment, intelligence and arrival. The Monumental applauded him several times and came to chant his last name. Undisputed and indisputable owner. Barco evolved and is now much more than the inveterate dribbler who stood out in Independiente. He continues to be unstoppable in heads-ups. But he learned to read the game much better and manage his technical resources without so much individualism. He scored five goals and was very important in several games of the campaign.

7) Scoring distributed

Beltrán with eleven conquests and Borja with five were the scorers. But behind him twelve other players line up (Nacho Fernández, Barco, De la Cruz, Rondón, Solari, Paradela, Matías Suárez, Aliendro, Echeverri, González Pirez, Palavecino and Rojas). River reached the goal in various ways without depending on any in particular. That is also a merit

8) A smashing streak

After a start that raised some questions, with defeats against Belgrano and Arsenal and some not very convincing performances, River gained momentum and laid the foundations of the championship with an unstoppable green wave: they won eight games in a row between the 6th and 13th dates, with 19 goals for and none against and at the end of April, he made it very clear to his rivals that he had no plans to lose this title.

9) The fans also played

After the expansion of the Monumental and the new capacity of 83,000 spectators, the support of the River Plate fans was moving. Almost all the games were played in a full stadium and the encouragement and fervor was remarkable, especially from the very young fans. Of course, the games are won and lost by the decisions of the players and coaches. But the feeling and belonging to River Plate supported the team from the stands and gave a passionate framework to the consecration.

10) Demichelis with the right foot

Some decisions and some performances at the beginning put the new coach who came from Germany in his sights. Furthermore, he had to continue and, if possible, surpass the glorious work that Marcelo Gallardo had built throughout his cycle. Demichelis made self-criticism, introduced corrections, better accommodated some pieces and put together a team with River Plate functions and physiognomy. And besides, he managed to keep him on his feet after that cup win against Fluminense at the Maracana that could have brought his spirits down.

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