Ten life sentences plus 260 years for the Uzbek who killed eight people in New York in 2017

The Uzbek terrorist who ran over and killed eight people (five of them Argentine) in New York in 2017 was sentenced this Wednesday to ten life sentences plus 260 years in jailas reported by the Department of Justice.

It is a life sentence for each fatality, plus two additional ones, added to the more than 260 years, according to the sentence of Judge Vernon Broderick. This is how the verdict reached on March 3 by the jury was applied, which for its part refused to apply the death penalty after deliberations that lasted 9 hours.

Sayfullo Saipova 35-year-old self-confessed jihadist, rammed a truck into people on a bike path in Manhattan on Halloween night in 2017, killing eight and injuring 12 more.

In the hearing this Wednesday, Saipov spoke for more than an hour, according to various media present, and delivered a speech riddled with religious references and pointing a finger at the sky on numerous occasions, while quoted different prophets from the Koran and even Adam and Eve and the temptation of the serpent.

The judge gave the floor to relatives of the dead, like himArgentine Gabriela Pereya, widow of Ariel Erlijwho confronted Saipov: “Your god thinks you’re a coward because you didn’t kill yourself when you killed them. And if you want Him to accept you and love you, go and kill yourself,” he snapped, according to Fox News.

The dead Argentines were part of a group of ten friends residing in the city of Rosario who They celebrated the 30th anniversary of their college graduation together in New York when they found death.

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A survivor of the attack, Rachel Pharn, also took the floor, who told him that his actions “do not serve Allah”, and asked him: “If you say that you are not sorry, that you did it on purpose, is that true? I need to know why, how can I fix you, and how can I fix the world around me.”he told the court.

Of the twelve wounded, some were left with their legs amputated and many have huge scars on their bodies.

The prosecutors in the case had left behind a written document that read: “Saipov is a shameless terrorista proud murderer who deserves no mercy and must be punished to the fullest extent of the law,” they said.

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