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Temporary peace between FIBA ​​and Euroleague

Next season there will be no conflict of dates between the Euroleague and FIBA. The two associations have reached an agreement so that No match in their competitions, Qualifying Windows and Euroleague, coincide on dates. “FIBA and the EuroLeague Basketball have agreed to avoid any calendar overlap of national team and club competitions in the 2023-24 season.”, reads the statement. It is a decision that has been demanded for a long time by many sectors of the world of European basketball, since When the dates of the Windows overlapped with those of the Euroleague, the players of the teams that participated in the latter could not attend with their teams in qualifying matches played in the middle of each season.

This solution to the problem is temporary, since from the 24-25 season the same thing could happen again. However, The statement explains that both entities “have also confirmed that they will continue to discuss over the next twelve months to reach mutually acceptable solutions for the good of basketball in Europe and around the world.”, so it cannot be ruled out that this new scenario will last longer in the future. So far it has been possible, firstly, because FIBA removed the November Window this year. And second, and although it is not specified in the statement, because the Euroleague will stop for two weeks in February. Until now, only one did, in which the Cups of each country were disputed. But last week the clubs that own the competition met to discuss the possibility of extending the break for another week and avoid coinciding with the February Window, an option that has finally been approved by the clubs.

This situation began in 2017, when FIBA ​​implemented the Windows method for the teams to win a spot for the 2019 World Cup in China. Since then, both for Eurobasket 2022 and this year’s World Cup, all the qualifying games for the Ventanas in November and February have overlapped with EuroLeague matches. The clubs of the highest continental competition have refused to give up their players on those dates, with few exceptions. The most famous was surely that of Shane Larkin with Türkiye.

In the absence of confirming the Euroleague calendarwhich will be announced later this week or early next week, there would be no matches between Saturday 10 and Wednesday 28 February 2024. In between, the cups of each country will be played (The King’s will be from Thursday 15 to Sunday 18) and the Qualification Windows for the 2025 Eurobasketwhich will take place from Monday 19 to Tuesday 27.

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