Simplifying the crypto transaction process

According to The Open Network, those who want to send Toncoin through the new wallet bot will need to install the latest version of the Telegram app. It is claimed that this bot has already been used by more than 800,000 accounts on Telegram.

Like Discord, Telegram allows users, such as The Open Network, to create bots to automate activities on the platform. While Telegram allows the wallet bot, that doesn’t necessarily mean it endorses it.

A similar tool was created in 2019 by Lightning Labs, a group that focuses and develops on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Users were able to send small amounts of Bitcoin, known as satoshis, via Twitter. In September 2021, Twitter enabled tipping in Bitcoin through its platform’s Lightning Network. In February, Twitter added Ethereum addresses to its Tips (tips) feature.

Telegram could follow the same trajectory. Finally, a spokesperson for the TON Foundation said:

“It is hoped that this simplification of the crypto transaction process will allow for greater adoption around the world. Hopefully it will help blockchain payment solutions in everyday life.”


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