Telegram: Free at risk for this alternative to WhatsApp?

The instant messaging and communications service telegram it is one of the best alternatives to the dominant platform, WhatsApp. However, we already knew that subscription plans were inevitable and this new action by the company shows that Telegram itself will not be free forever, at least not in the way we are used to.

Like the Telegram company, it has presented a Premium plan with exclusive benefits and resources for the most intensive users of the app. Now, however, the platform removes all public references to the eternal “free” from its service in a manifestly predictable change.

Free telegram forever? No, it is no longer advertised as such.

The changes made are discreet, but they make the direction of the company clear.

Until now, every time they downloaded and installed this messaging app, they received a very optimistic message. Namely: “Telegram is free forever. No ads. No subscription plans. However, this will change soon and the company is already paving the way for this.”

In fact, after we have announced the debut of Telegram Premium, the paid version of the messaging application, it is very likely that the free version will start showing some kind of advertising. However, its functions must remain unchanged, with all the services to which we are currently entitled.

These changes were first noticed by the programmer Alessandro Paluzzi who, through the social network Twitter, announced the subtle changes. It is, therefore, one more step towards the presentation of the paid version, Telegram Premium for Android and iOS, with a beta version for iPhone already in circulation.

Telegram Premium will be the new rival of WhatsApp

The programmer believes that the platform is preparing considerable changes in the near future. However, the subtle change in the advertising content of the messaging app no ​​longer refers to eternal free to focus on offering unlimited online storage space to users.

There is currently no information about the possible pricing plans for the Premium version, but we already know some of the exclusive benefits for subscribers. To do this, starting from the iOS beta version of this service.

We remind you that cloud storage on Telegram is unlimited and free forever ✌️

— Telegram Messenger (@telegram) May 27, 2022

Unfortunately, we don’t know when the Premium version of this WhatsApp rival will be formally introduced. Currently, the Android version of this messaging application is 8.74, without reference to price plans and subscription modalities.

We believe, however, that this is one of the ways that the messaging and communications platform has found to strengthen monetization and ensure the profitability of the company. In fact, this issue, that of financing, has raised serious doubts about the profitability of the entire service provided for several years.

In short, the answer to guarantee the economic profitability of Telegram seems to be based on a Premium plan, something similar to Twitter Blue, with exclusive functions for subscribers. The extent of these “extras” is not currently known.

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