Telefónica develops an application to improve your videoconferences with Zoom and MS Teams

As a result of the pandemic, video calling has become our everyday life. Two applications stand out in the business area among all the tools: Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Telefónica has developed an application called Hanzo which, according to the company, guarantees the best experience in your video calls, preventing other applications or devices from interfering with the quality of video and audio.

it’s about an app that works with any Internet connection via WiFi, regardless of who your internet provider is, and “Stabilize and improve the quality of your Zoom and Microsoft Teams video calls.”

Once installed, the The Hanzo icon in the Windows taskbar changes color depending on your network status, the settings you have made for Hanzo, and whether you are making a video call.

With a single “click” you cans turn Hanzo on or off for your video calling applications, and your selection is registered so that you always have a great experience.

The tool’s website does not provide many explanations about what it does to improve the quality of videoconferences, but it indicates that prioritize the traffic of these applications. To do this, it needs to indicate to your computer that this traffic should be treated with priority and therefore needs administrator permissions.

The application is currently only available for Windows computers and can be downloaded for free at

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