Techy Fatule: “I respect the networks and I fear them”

Despite how spontaneous Techy Fatule appears, the reality is that he thinks more than twice about the content he shares on his social networks, and when it comes to photographs where he appears with his nine-year-old son, he asks if he wants or Not that I share the image.

“Today I respect the networks and I even fear them, because there are people who comment on things so lightly that they can affect the life of any human being,” he said.

Techy emphasizes taking care of social networks at a time when a scandal recently occurred with a video posted by his mother, Tania Báez, where he advised society not to pair up with people who are “below your level”.

When the subject was mentioned, he explained that at that moment he advised his mother: “The only thing I want to comment on is that it is always harder when they criticize a loved one than when they criticize you and when it is unfair it is painful,” Techy said, adding that for this reason he takes care of his son from the networks.

He also confessed that at the time of his mother’s publication he advised him to stay away from the networks.

“I told him: – turn off. The reality of life is not what is handled in the networks, it is not what is in the awards, the reality is that we are all family, no matter what happens and that reminds him of my mother.

Techy spoke the night before last about this and other topics during the launch of the merengue “Que me quedes tú” and in whose video clip her husband, David Fernández, appears for the first time. The audiovisual was directed by her sister Karla de ella.

About the family, Techy proclaimed his love and fidelity, which he reassessed after Karla’s health mishap.

Tech, 37, narrated how he feels that he is experiencing a stage of well-being in various aspects of his life; Beyond professional recognition, which she appreciates, the most important thing for her has been knowing how to love herself and feel supported by her close environment, as well as having learned to combine her personal and professional roles.

“Mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend, that’s what I am before an artist,” said Techy, making it clear that he would sacrifice his personal affairs for those he loves, a position that began to matter to him after the delicate health situation in which he found himself. her sister wrapped

Then she added: “I have realized in recent years that I am not willing to sacrifice time with my son, with my husband, with my parents, with my sister.”

Techy added that the most important thing in these moments of his life is to lean towards family love, care and protect his loved ones.

“My sister, many know that she was in a very delicate health situation a year ago, and with that I realized that no matter what concert I had and with how many people, I did not change it for a second to be with her in the hospital, for example”, she confessed excitedly, clarifying that she feels lucky and grateful for the multitude of people who consume her musical content.

She refers to the health crisis suffered by the actress and producer Karla Fatule, her younger sister, who precisely directs the audiovisual on this topic, and who was diagnosed with “Minimal Change Disease (MCD)”, which is little known. and that attacks the kidneys causing radical changes in the body. Both she, like the rest of her family, focused her efforts on seeing her well, something that little by little they have achieved.

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