Techy Fatule dabbles in merengue and launches

The Dominican singer Techy Fatule released this Wednesday her new single, “Que me quedes tú”, in which the romantic music performer dabbles in merengue so as not to “get pigeonholed” in a genre and innovate within her artistic proposal in each production.

I have lived through a process that led me to understand so many things about myself (…) I delved deeper, into everyday life., in simplicity and when I found my essence I got all the answers. I completely transformed my life,” Techy said when introducing his song.

The vocalist added that this phase of her life “influenced my way of seeing things, my beliefs, my limits, my goals, my entire body, my emotions and of course, my music.”

“Que me quedes tú” is a romantic merengue of his own authorship, produced by Alex Mansilla and under the label of La Oreja Media Group.

Fatule now comes with a touch of freshness, not only reflected in the rhythms and authorship, but also in the audiovisual, directed by his sister, Karla Fatule, “filmed with the essence and tropicality” that the Caribbean exudes.

“I’m at a stage where I dare to do different things, that’s why I turned to Alex Mansilla, who opened the doors for me at the beginning of my career and I told him I want to make a merengue because I feel happy, I’m overflowing with joy” Said the singer of “Don’t ask me about him”, “Give you everything” or “Transparent points”.

It is not the first time that the sisters have worked together, Karla had already produced the audiovisuals of several of Techy’s songs like “Un besito”, “Te quedas o te vas”, and was co-director in “Otra vez” and “Volverás”.

“Karla is one of the most creative people I know, she also knows me better than anyone, she has a very sensitive soul and knows how to tell stories through her eyes. She is involved in the creative process from the beginning, filming, styling, editing, mixing the song and even managing my platforms,” ​​said Techy Fatule.

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The singer added that in a “difficult” moment of health that her sister lived, “I imagined life without her and I felt like I was drowning. That’s why I wrote this song also thinking about my sister, that I lack any material thing, except her,” he said.

On the transition from his ballads to merengue, he commented that “I have never been afraid of changes, on the contrary, new experiences add to me. Challenges make this journey more interesting. This new song is one of them. A celebration, the reflection of the joy that has been this trip to know me”

This is one of Techy’s solo compositions, this time betting on romantic merengue.

“I was born in the 80s, in my memory and heart there are always those lyrics of the meringues of that time, which fill the audience with joy and emotions,” he said.

He added that from the merengue that makes you fall in love, that is danced with cadence, those lyrics arose from imagining that, if he lived in a situation where he lost all the material that is understood as necessary, “The only thing that would be essential, that I could not negotiate, would be the love of those I love, with them until the end”.

Techy’s artistic evolution has been reflected through its three studio albums, “A su tiempo”, “Capítulo 1” and “Sie7e”

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