Technology, Home and Gourmet, the preferred categories for redeeming points in gift catalog incentive and loyalty plans

The loyalty of employees, dealers or customers is one of the keys to the success of brands and companies. To achieve this, many of them choose to launch incentive programs or loyalty clubs specifically designed for these audiences. One of the basic components of this type of program is the gift catalogue.. With a simple operation, employees and customers can access and redeem their points on a wide range of products adapted to their tastes and needs, from technical items to sporting goods and gourmet products.

Top 10 most desirable categories

In this context, GalantaMediapost’s division, which specializes in incentive and loyalty platforms, created it Top 10 most desirable categoriesand their items, for which they exchange their points in one of the catalogs of this type that their favorite brands have at their disposal.

In this sense, it seems clear to employees and customers: That technology is the most desirable category. sound items, beauty, smart watches; In this area, items related to telephony or health and well-being, among others, are the most frequently exchanged by electronics lovers. The second position takes the category Home. In this case, household items and textiles are most in demand. close The best 3the category of Gourmet, where oil, liqueurs and sweets delight consumers.

small appliances and cosmetics are the two categories Complete the top 5 most redeemed items in the catalogues. When it comes to small appliances, vacuum cleaners, kitchenware and deep fryers are the most popular. On the contrary: those who redeem their points for one of the articles in the “Cosmetics” section of these catalogs do so to a greater extent for personal care products.

Categories to connect with all types of users

Free time is the perfect time to indulge in your favorite activities and hobbies. Travel items such as suitcases, experience boxes or consoles are exchanged most frequently within the “Leisure” category, which occupies sixth place in the ranking. Next, in the seventh place, is the section of clothing and accessories, whereby accessories such as laptop bags or backpacks are exchanged most frequently.

Children and babies also have their place in the catalogue, because the category is eighth Children. Children’s toys and baby items such as sterilizers, cots, strollers or activity centers are exchanged most frequently there.

In the ninth place is the category of tools, specially designed for the handiest handyman in the house. In this area, tool sets, cleaning items and drill bits are most in demand.

The great advantage of gift catalogs is the ability to include almost any type of gift. For this reason, sports enthusiasts also get their money’s worth in this ranking. The category concludes the top 10 Sportswhere a safe option for users is sportswear and accessories such as balls, mats or racquets.

Despite it, Galanta Remember that the success of a gift catalog lies in the variety of items, categories and the possibility for the user to choose their favorite gift themselves. In addition, for the experience to be complete, the updating of products, offers, and the actual delivery of the item to the recipient must be coordinated and distinguished. This is the only way to ensure the emotional memory that is sought when redeeming these gifts in an incentive or loyalty program.

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