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Technological toys and those of tradition attract everyone

Every year we see how the Day of the Magi excites both adults and children with the delivery and receipt of gifts. Yesterday, Tuesday, the stores were full of people choosing what best suits the tastes of their children.

Although children are the protagonists of the gifts at this Christmas time, parents also tend to feel excitement when buying and observing in stores the variety of toys to give to the little ones in the house.

Belonging to a generation different from the current one, parents remember and compare how the Three Kings Day was celebrated in their childhood days.

According to some adults, in those days there was a belief that these characters existed and that is why at night they prepared sweets, cigars, herbs and water for the three kings to receive them and leave good gifts during the night, while they slept. They went to bed to fall asleep early and the next day with great excitement they went to look for the presents under the bed or the Christmas tree.

Both Jacqueline Mariano and Roider Encarnación agreed that times have changed and that although it is a different generation, some old traditions are maintained, as there are children who still feel emotion when receiving their gifts and even write letters waiting for a positive response. .

Toy guns, rocking horses, tops, whistles or ping pong were the toys that parents enjoyed in their childhood. Henry García said that this tradition had already died since not even the “yoyos” are seen.

Other parents decided to comment on it with joy by revoking that stage of their lives. Mrs. Sandra Vidal commented that in her time parents bought toys and they did not see them until Three Kings Day, since nowadays they can be observed and there are even children who accompany their parents to make the December purchases.

His son Edgar De León said that the festival is very different compared to today and that even the toys are different and more varied.

Currently, not only is it expected until January 6 for the delivery of presents among relatives, but there are people who prefer to do it on Christmas Eve or both festivities.

Ingrid Artiles, who was in line to make the payment for her purchase at the Fersobe store, said that she usually gives gifts on both occasions, but that on Christmas Eve she tries to buy what her children really want so that they have the opportunity to play, since days after January 6 the children return to the educational centers.

Many of the adults emphasize that this current generation has not been instilled with the belief and excitement for the wise men, but still they do not lose the tradition of gifting them.

According to many parents the toys of today are not the same as those of then, there is more variety and better quality. Although some prices have risen.

Being a more technologically advanced generation, many of the children have lost interest in normal toys. Although, according to parents and those in charge of toy stores they say that a large part remains in the middle, preferring both toys and technological devices.

In stores they say that today, although there are many technological children, there are also many who enjoy their toys. On top of that, parents continue to buy both traditional and tech games, so they stay in the middle of both options. Toy store

In some toy stores the flow is good both from the beginning and the end of December. Christmas, according to their managers, is a time when there is a lot of activity in the establishments

In other places such as the World of Toys located in Plaza Naco, for January 4 the place was very off, according to its manager Paola Medina.

Celebration date
Paola Medina indicated that the Day of the Holy Kings, which is traditionally celebrated on January 6, will be celebrated this Monday the 10th.

What is sold the most to date, according to Paola, are bicycles. Miguel Fersobe, in charge of the business named after his last name, said that in the store the ones that are sold the most are traditional games such as kitchen sets and trucks.

Despite the fact that there are no toys that sell more than these, educational toys such as tools and board games are bought every day.


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