Tecatito, a serious problem for Sevilla

Jesus ‘Tecatito’ Corona He has been injured for several weeks and is out of the plans of the Seville until practically next January, but it seems that Mexico intends to take him to the World Cup in Qatar, something that would be terrible for the optimal recovery of the player. It seems that the footballer would be willing to put his health at risk in order to be able to be in the next World Cup with his team, regardless of the medical advice of the club that pays his record.

According to accountfootballfantasy‘, the ‘Tecatito’, is willing to push the machinery to the maximum to play the World Cup with his team, despite the fact that the doctors are advising him otherwise to be able to recover one hundred percent from his injury, at the moment it seems that he does deaf ears, which is a serious problem for Sevilla, since if he relapses the season could end completely for him and he is one of the most important players for Julen Lopetegui.

You will put your health at risk

The ‘tecatito‘ suffered a fracture of the fibula and ankle ligaments and after undergoing surgery last August, it was confirmed that he would not be able to return to the pitch before next January. Well, Sevilla has come to have a secondary role in the situation of the Aztec soccer player, since both he and the Mexican Federation have developed a specific plan in order to shorten the terms of his injury and can be in the World Cup with the Mexican team, yes putting his health at serious risk since there would be many possibilities of relapsing and making his injury even more serious.

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