Tebas leaves Rubiales one last devastating message

Although he has shown an impartial stance in the scandal surrounding the former RFEF president, the current LaLiga president has always made accusations against the also former UEFA vice-president and his recent statements prove this.

Finally Luis has Rubiales resigned as President of the RFEF and at the same time as Vice-President of UEFA, an act that Javier Tebas could not remain silent about. Another important position in Spanish football is undoubtedly the presidency of LaLiga, the highest position of which has remained outside the league scandal that the one from Gran Canaria created.

But no matter how impartial he has shown himself to be in recent days, Javier Tebas has accused Rubiales more than once. Now that he had resigned from office, he could not remain silent, although he continued to express opinions that were far removed from the actual context. However, he welcomed the union’s decision, even if it was delayed.

Thebes Rubiales
Javier Tebas knew long before the kissing scandal that Rubiales would fall at any moment.

Tebas’ opinions on Rubiales’ late resignation

In a recent interview with the LaLiga president, he expressed his opinion on the delayed decision on Rubiales’ resignation despite everything being against him. Even before the scandal involving Jenni Hermoso broke out, Tebas was already sure that the Canary Islander would leave the RFEF due to the negative events he himself caused.

“No, I’m not surprised. One day it would happen. With this way of pushing everything to the limit, perhaps there were more serious things he should have fallen for. It’s not normal to have an orgy after a day at work. There are things that are not normal and that we have normalized. It continued. We gave no importance to the things that were happening and would one day happen in the Federation. And it happened.”

Javier Tebas believed that Luis Rubiales would emerge well from this new scandal

In a more pessimistic view, the Spanish-Costa Rican manager was convinced that the Canarian would not resign from his position but, on the contrary, that he would continue as if nothing had happened in the position of the RFEF. This is because Javier Tebas knows Luis Rubiales’ actions very well and describes him as a calculating, manipulative and cold person in his actions.

When asked “Did you think Rubiales would get his way?” Javier Tebas replied. “Yes. Rubiales fights until the end. Sometimes, in very complicated situations, there was a strike by footballers when he was leading the union, there were two days left, he maintained it until the Friday before the day and just lifted it because the strike was declared illegal. He pushes everything to the limit without knowing what the consequences might be, so I could imagine.”

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