Tebas: “Gil Marín did not refer to the referees, but to the media environment”

Javier Tebas represented LaLiga at the VII Awards Ceremony of the Sports Press Association of Madrid, as the LaLiga Impulso project received one of the awards. The president attended the media and assessed some of the current affairs.

This award is a recognition of LaLiga…

Very happy with the LaLiga Impulso project. Centralized sales and economic control are one of the most important projects in the history of professional football. They allow a very important investment in all the clubs and advance others that organically would have taken 15 or 20 and allow us to modernize and undertake and become a more competitive league.

It doesn’t end up convincing everyone…

There are so many things that the same clubs are not convinced… The criticism comes from another direction and mainly from the president of Real Madrid. The clubs have the right to reform their stadiums, even if they are not like the beautiful Bernabéu, and their sports cities and do it in an organized way to grow faster. They will not like the others to grow.

What did you think of Gil Marín’s letter?

I don’t think the referees benefit Real Madrid. Gil Marín spoke not referring to the referees but to a media environment that always occurs with the greats. What Iturralde said about that ‘white bus’ caught my attention, because he criticized Gil Marín but said that there was that bus… They took something out of context, but I am convinced that the referees do not benefit Madrid or any team.

But did you understand that I was releasing the statement?

The statements from the clubs do not surprise me. Atlético and its CEO have the right to say what they want and also with something that I think has nothing to do with the referees, but with the media pressure that is generated around the greats. It happens in Barcelona, ​​in Madrid…

And the acts of racism continue…

We have denounced in the courts because we do not agree with some opinions of the Prosecutors in previous cases. In the case of Vinicius in Valladolid, in Bilbao… we encourage clubs that see that their players are harmed by racist insults, to accompany us in court.

Barça wants to make signings. What is your situation?

The issue of not registering Gavi comes as a consequence of the fact that it takes effect next season. For next year it can be denied because Barça has a deficit of more than 200 million for that next season. It doesn’t seem appropriate. Now they have an amount for the savings for Piqué and Memphis. Barça must decide, but it is important to remember what the vice president of Barça said, that they have to reduce the wage bill. I think between 600 and 400 or a little more, let’s see when we start.

How did the Alves news fit in?

dismayed. Each one has to pay if the facts are proven with their consequences. These issues are not a joke, they are not a game night. If he has committed what appears to be a rape, let the weight of the law fall on him.

What do you think of Piqué’s rise in the Kings League?

I think it’s very good from Ibai, Piqué… but it’s a phenomenon of youtubers. Why was there no Kings League yesterday? Because there was a youtubers event in Mexico. I’m glad they’re doing so well, but it has nothing to do with us.

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