Long live collisions between teammates

In a world where every detail is meticulously controlled, Formula 1 desperately needs unbridled action. And drivers who take risks, as Sainz and Leclerc did this Sunday. With the current cost-saving policy, many teams’ competition between teammates ends on Saturday. And even more so if the driver who comes out ahead, even if by a thousandth of a second, takes the lead in the World Cup. The one who

Leclerc-Sainz public feud

That’s why I disagree with Leclerc’s statements after the race, with a sting about Sainz’s future that was unnecessary. Leclerc said: “It was a wrong maneuver. He wanted to do something spectacular for his home race and I understand that at an important moment for his racing career, but he got the wrong driver. In the pre-race meeting we agreed that we would manage the tires in the first laps. And going slowly through turn fourteen gives you a lot of advantage. Carlos took advantage of me getting up there to catch up and attack me at the end of the straight.”

However, if we pay attention to Leclerc, while the fans were waiting for the F-2 and talking about the possible battle between the two Ferraris, three hours before the race, a serious group of engineers equipped with micro-helmets reached the conclusion in the strategic briefing that no, after lap one the race had to end for the driver who started sixth. First saving wheels, then leaving space, later stopping after his partner. The man from Madrid thought the opposite, and he was right: “We had new wheels, while the Mercedes had used ones. We had to attack Hamilton, it was clear to me. Charles complains too much after each race and I don’t know what about.”

As soon as he got out of the car, the driver of number 16 went to ask Sainz Jr for explanations. Due to the fuss and the angry faces of both on the way to the weigh-in, they could not agree. Luckily, Fred Vasseur downplayed the matter, saying that there was no order not to push in the first part of the race (which, however, would be slower) and that these are normal things in racing. “Personally they get along well, these types of battles have paid off for us in the past.”

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Great unforgettable battles

What would be of us as fans without the Prost-Senna, Alonso-Hamilton (who never touched each other), the collisions between Rosberg and Lewis, the Verstappen-Ricciardo of Baku or the spectacular Esteban Ocon. This one has several with different partners. On Thursday I was with him talking face to face. He talked to me about the nature of the drivers, about throwing the car if you see a gap like he did in Monaco, about competing to the maximum. He is seen alone in the team, and with a speech similar to Fernando’s in 2007: “I trust my group of engineers and mechanics, the people who work on my car.”

While on the one hand he says this, on the other he complains about always carrying the heavier chassis. In Alpine they say sottovoce that he has been raising too many chickens during the year. The initial fight occurred the first time he got on the A524, he couldn’t fit. They made the cockpit too small. Having to redo it, the car started the year obviously overweight.

Gasly: “I have no relationship with Ocon”

After Esteban we had to speak, to a small group of journalists, with Pierre Gasly, the handsome man on the grill. Alpine did not want controversy and the conversation moved between him admiring Mbappe, football, motorcycles and even Le Mans. Luckily there is always one last question. And there I went: “Pierre, which teammate is more difficult, Max Verstappen or Esteban Ocon?”

Silence…she leans back in the seat. Reply: “In what way? Faster?” And I reply: “As a whole” Peter: “Holy shit! Hahaha. Esteban is fast, Max is. Both from the same generation. I have a good relationship with Verstappen and I have no relationship with Ocon. They are both good drivers. At the same time, the Dutchman is a three-time world champion and my current partner is not. As a driver Max is the best on the grid, or at least one of the best.”

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