Home Sports Team India’s historic win triggers panic and World Cup fear in Pakistan!

Team India’s historic win triggers panic and World Cup fear in Pakistan!

Team India's historic win triggers panic and World Cup fear in Pakistan!

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Indian team’s historic win sparks World Cup anxiety in Pakistan: Team India has definitely secured the Asia Cup 2023 title, but this victory is so spectacular that the rest of the teams are shocked. The World Cup is still around 15 days away, but the Indian team’s performance in this year’s tournament has definitely left a message. The Indian team has lost only one game in this Asian Cup and that too because that game was not of much importance while Rohit Sharma had changed half of the playing eleven. Meanwhile, the biggest fear is of the Pakistan team, which will come to India in a few days and then play in the World Cup.

The Pakistan team failed to reach the final of the Asia Cup

Although India vs Pakistan was considered the most exciting match of the 2023 Asia Cup, the way the Indian team beat Pakistan was one-sided, leaving the Pakistani team unleft after that. However, from the perspective of the game, the Super 4 match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka was very important, which Sri Lanka won. In fact, at that time, the Asia Cup was at a point where whoever won between Pakistan and Sri Lanka would advance to the final. Sri Lanka put in a brilliant performance and secured their place in the final. Meanwhile, when all of Sri Lanka’s wickets totaled just 50 runs, there was a flood of memes on social media. Not only the Indian fans had fun, but the fans in Pakistan were also grateful that it was a good thing that the Pakistan team did not reach the final, otherwise they would have met the same fate as Sri Lanka.

Shoaib Akhtar also thought Team India was very dangerous

Meanwhile, after Team India became Asia Cup champions, a statement from Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar was also released. Shoaib said on his YouTube channel that Rohit Sharma’s captaincy skills have improved a lot. He also makes very good decisions during the game. He said that I did not expect the Indian team to defeat Sri Lanka in the final like this. From here, Team India looks to be the most dangerous team in the ODI World Cup.

The India vs Pakistan match will take place on October 15 in the 2023 World Cup.

In fact, Pakistan’s concern is also that when the match was played in the league phase of the Asia Cup, it could not be completed but at the time of the match’s cancellation, Team India overwhelmed Pakistan. After that, when there was a Super 4 match, India defeated Pakistan by 228 runs. Now the World Cup will be played between India and Pakistan on October 14 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. If the Pakistan team loses in this game too, the pressure on the team will increase significantly. The Pakistan team may have played non-stop cricket in Sri Lanka but neither their batting nor their bowling did wonders in the Asia Cup. Another shock is that Naseem Shah is injured and it has not yet been decided whether he can take part in the World Cup or not. There are also reports of discord and arguments among Pakistan players following their exit from the Asia Cup, although this has not been confirmed and therefore nothing can be said with certainty about it.

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