Team India records their second straight win at the T20 Women’s World Cup, see the full points table

The T20 Women’s World Cup is currently taking place in South Africa. This World Cup has started since February 10 and its final match will be played on February 26, 2023 at Newlands in Cape Town. A total of 9 matches have been played so far in this tournament, out of which the Indian team played 2 matches and won both. Let us now tell you about the condition of all the teams in this World Cup.

A total of 10 teams have been divided into two groups at the ICC T20 Women’s World Cup. Pool A includes teams from Australia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Bangladesh and New Zealand. At the same time, the team of England, India, Pakistan, West Indies and Ireland is present in Group B. Today the 9th match of this World Cup was played between India and West Indies, which India won by 6 wickets.

  1. At the top of Group A is the Australian team, who won their first two games and secured 4 points. Australia’s net run rate is +2,834.
  2. Sri Lanka is currently at number two in this group. Sri Lanka have also won their first two matches. He is at number two with 4 points and a net run rate of +0.430.
  3. At number three in this group is the team from South Africa, who have just won a 2-game match and have lost one. He is at number three with 2 points and a run rate of +1,550.
  4. Coming in at number four in this group is the Bangladesh team, who have faced defeat in the first two matches so far. Bangladesh is at number four with 0 points and a net run rate of -0.720.
  5. The New Zealand team is at the bottom of this group, that is, at number five. This team has also suffered a bad defeat in the first two games. New Zealand is also fifth with 0 points and a very poor net run rate of -4,050.

  • The England team is at the top of this group. England have gained 4 points by winning their first two games. His net run rate is +2,497.
  • India is at the second number in this group. The Indian team has also gained 4 points by winning the first two matches. The Indian team’s net run rate is +0.590.
  • Pakistan is at number three in this group. Pakistan has so far played only one match against India, in which they had to face defeat. Pakistan is currently at 0 points with a net run rate of -0.497.
  • The West Indies team is present at number four. The West Indies team has played two matches so far and has faced defeat in both. This team’s points are 0 and the net run rate is -1.542.
  • Team Ireland is present at number five, having played just one game so far and facing defeat in that one. Ireland’s score is 0 and their net run rate is -2,215.

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