Team Holcim-PRB sets a new 24-hour record: 640.9 miles

The Ocean Race continues to monopolize the spotlight in the world of sailing. That’s right. The fifth stage of the round the world tour is being hectic and the fleet, which left Newport less than five days ago, is flying towards Aarhus. The transatlantic crossing is being at a record pace and was confirmed this Friday thanks to the Team Holcim-PRB. The Swiss-flagged boat, which is the current leader of the general classification of The Ocean Race, set a new 24-hour distance sailed record in the monohull class: 640.9 miles. The conditions were almost perfect to break the record, sailing across with 25-27 knots of wind and with relatively flat sea conditions, but the truth is that Kevin Escoffier’s maneuvers were always spot on: “It’s a great ship! I am very happy, it is not every day that we can break a record like this like this. I am also very happy for the whole team, after what happened in stage 4 (the team withdrew after dismasting) we did not know what was going to happen next, and we will do everything possible to win stage 5, of course, but I think it’s a good reward for the whole team“, said.

Two records were broken. First to fall was The Ocean Race’s ’24-hour Speed ​​Record Challenge’, sponsored by Ulysse Nardin, previously set at 602 nautical miles by Simeon Tienpont’s Team AkzoNobel last edition. And then the absolute record for monohulls fell: 618 nautical miles set by the 100-foot Comanche in 2015. Having strong winds is key, but it is also key that the sea does not present a lot of waves because if it exists, the boat slows down and you cannot have a sustained speed. Escoffier, seeing the conditions, already warned that they would break the record: “Yesterday we reached a front. We passed in front of it and now we are following it on the starboard tack, which gives us high speeds… The sea is flat… If it continues like this, we will break the 24-hour record again ”, he confirmed.

The previous Ocean Race record holder, Simeon Tienpont, expressed his admiration for the new achievement and that sailing 640.9 miles in 24 hours is an incredible fact: “I want to congratulate the crew of Holcim-PRB hugely. When I woke up this morning, I got a big smile… For me personally, it’s great to see these boats break the race record, but also the 24-hour record by beating a 100ft maxi. It’s very good for the sport, it shows what we are capable of these days, with all the techniques and innovations of foils. It must be very exciting for them, I think this is a record that will be hard to break”.

Of course, Team Holcim-PRB was not alone in this unprecedented mission. In fact, the first to reach favorable conditions was the 11th Hour Racing Team, which was also the first to break the record. The Americans covered 611.9 nautical miles, a very remarkable achievement if we take into account that the team reported a collision with what the crew “suspect to be a marine mammal or giant animal”. The ship came to a sudden stop and, according to the team, trimmer Charlie Dalin suffered what appeared to be a mild concussion and onboard reporter Amory Ross injured his shoulder. After consulting with the race doctor, who prescribed rest and control, the team continued sailing towards Aarhus. The boat does not appear to be damaged and is currently second behind Holcim-PRB. Nearly 50 miles behind is Team Malizia, who were the last of the leading trio to reach record-breaking conditions. Skipper Boris Herrmann and his crew were close to 625 miles, but failed to beat Holcim-PRB’s 640.9. Thanks to these speeds, the scheduled finish line in Aarhus has been moved up to May 29.

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