TCL NXTPAPER 10s is the new Android tablet with NXTPAPER display

The tablet market is going through a period of renaissance after years of stagnation and we see more manufacturers launching new products in this sector. Now, in effect, we have TCL NXT PAPER 10yes, one android tablet with captivating features that cost €299 in Portugal and include a dedicated pen, the T-Pen.

The premise of the new TCL tablet is to provide a more comfortable reading experience. In other words, more similar to the experience of reading something on a physical support such as paper, which is why it opts for the eye protection present on the screen of the new tablet.

The tablet for a paper-like reading experience

The two color schemes for the new TCL NXTPAPER 10s tablet.

TCL is one of the largest mobile device manufacturers and now, Chinese technology unveils the TCL NXTPAPER 10s tablet. It is the company’s new tablet equipped with screen technology that provides users with superior eye protection.

The promise is simple but welcome, to ensure a paper-like reading and viewing experience.


The tablet was announced at CES 2022, a tech event where, incidentally, it received the “Eye Protection Innovation of the Year Award.”

More specifically, the TCL NXTPAPER 10S is a 10.1” tablet that reduces blue light by more than 50%. It does so through a multilayer screen that provides a look and feel paper-like.

The technology aims its new Android tablet for both students and professionals, for telecommuting and/or entertainment.

The tablet is distinguished by NXTPAPER display technology


While normal LCD screens only provide eye protection only via software (eye comfort mode), the TCL NXTPAPER 10s offers both hardware and software eye protection at the same time.

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More specifically, the ten-layer screen preserves natural colors without yellowing. In addition, it reduces more than 50% of blue light compared to traditional LCD screens, maintaining the original color display.

Blue light reduction without screen yellowing effect


Truly innovative, the screen is paper-like and also has an anti-glare finish, making viewing more comfortable when exposed to direct ambient light. This is angle independent, making it perfect for reading, writing or viewing content.

The TCL NXTPAPER 10s can be used with the T-Pen


Including the T-Pen, the tablet provides ultra-low latency for a fluid feel, much like the experience of writing on paper with a traditional pen.

Considering its technical features, the TCL NXTPAPER 10s is powered by a MediaTek MT8768E(MT6762) processor. eight cores at 2 GHz. In addition, it has 4 GB of RAM, as well as 64 GB of internal storage expandable via micro SD.


The 10.1-inch screen with FullHD resolution of 1029 x 1200 pixels stands out on an IPS LCD display with a conventional 60 Hz refresh rate. We also have an 8,000 mAh capacity battery to keep you connected.

Finally, we highlight the Android Enterprise Recommended certification, as well as the 8 MP rear camera and the 5 MP front camera, in addition to the two color schemes (Ethernal Green and Dark Grey),

The TCL NXTPAPER 10S comes equipped with the T-Pen, being available from today in Portugal with an RRP of €299.

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