Tazia procession flag touches electric wire, 4 killed after being chased

4 people died due to electrocution after Tazia procession flag came in contact with electric wire. Another 10 people were injured. The incident took place in Jharkhand, India on Saturday morning.

Locals said that after taking out the Tazia procession, the iron rod tied to the flag suddenly touched the wire of 11,000 volts. 14 people were electrocuted. They were taken to Bokaro General Hospital. Later the doctor declared 4 people dead. The condition of the rest is critical.

Bokaro Superintendent of Police Priyadarshi Alok said, ‘This accident took place under Petarwar police station, 80 km from Ranchi city. This incident happened around 6 am.’

Deputy Commissioner of Bokaro, Kuldeep Chowdhury said that usually in an area, the electricity connection is cut off when Tazia of Muharram comes out. But why it did not happen here, it is being investigated.

Earlier last month, 7 people were electrocuted in Tripura during an upside-down chariot ride.

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