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Taylor Swift named Selena the best

From September, three new series are coming to Nagarik

A total of three feature films, including one series and two new series, will be added to Citizen Television’s programming. From September, audiences can follow this event on Nagirak’s TV screens and on Nagirak’s YouTube channel. The two series are “Grihalakshmi” and “Haler Hawa”. And the name of the series is “Kishore Gang”.

According to the Citizens Programs Department, “Grihalakshmi” will be screened on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, September 2, from 10 p.m. At the same time, Haler Hawa will air the remaining three days of the week – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. And the Kishore Gang series is available Saturday through Wednesday at 10:30 p.m.

Kamruzzaman Babu, head of the channel’s program department, said that the three fictions are of three kinds.

Not just this city in Dhaka; Kishore Gang is the name of terror in different parts of the country. There’s a new story every week in this series about juvenile delinquency. And Grihalakshmi’s story revolves around the family atmosphere. Hal Hawa is the story of some aspiring boys and girls of the time.
All in all, we hope audiences will enjoy it.

“Kishore Gang” is directed by Nazmul Roni. Golam Kibria, Sabbir Ahmed, Ashraf Supta, Sharmin Akhi, Milli Bashar, Risa, Masum Bashar, Rocky Khan and many others play different roles in the play.
Directed by Mainul Hasan Khokon, the cast of the series “Grihalakshmi” includes Aruna Biswas, Rozi Siddiqui, Emily Haque, Kazi Raju and many others.

And the producer of Haler Hawa is Aditya Johnny.

Imtu Ratish, Maymuna Mom, Hossain Nirab and others are in the cast.

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