On Friday, October 9, 136 countries signed an agreement to impose a tax rate of at least 15% on large companies.

This agreement on the taxation of large companies was welcomed by the Minister of the Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire:That’s excellent news. It is an end to four intense years in which France has played the leading roles from start to finish “. A project started in 2016, but put aside by the Trump administration. Joe’s arrival Biden to the White House accelerated everything.

This reform will apply to any company with a turnover of at least 750 million euros. This taxis is expected to bring in nearly $ 130 billion to the States. According to the OECD, this is a measure to achieve tax fairness. France should recover 5.9 billion euros per year. From now on Ireland, Apple’s headquarters, will have to pay part of the money to all the countries where the brand is marketed. The text has yet to be ratified by all states and is not expected to enter into force until 2023.