Tavares: “Stop making excuses”

Walter Tavares was key to achieving Real Madrid’s eleventh Euroleague. The Cape Verdean center was decisive for the whites both against Barcelona on Friday and against Olympiacos on Sunday, taking the MVP of the Final Four.

Although the Valencia-Real Madrid game in which racist insults were uttered to Vinicius was being played while he was playing and winning his final in Kaunas, Edy found out what happened with the Brazilian in the Valencia field and also reacted through his social networks.

He shared the video that Vinicius published of the Mestalla stands insulting him in a story in which he wrote a plea against the racism suffered by the Real Madrid winger.

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“Stop the excuse that “he’s not young” yet come on man. One question, are those who insult all young? The worst thing is that children also insult because they listen to the elders. Stop making excuses and zero tolerance”, argued the Real Madrid player.

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