Tavares is giant

Advance | Welcoming a new year is always exciting, doing it after the previous barrage of postponements and the one to come, maybe a little more. Each game seems to take on more value now. In 2022 he made his debut in Malaga, with 112 points from Unicaja, and half later the action continued in Manresa, between the fifth classified, one of those who plays the best (21 assists this time), and the leader, who has converted the Nou Congost in his talisman field far from the Palace. Chains visits full of suffering, but does not stop willingly. Again and again, like this since 1998, when the then TDK became the most unexpected champion ever. This time (87-92), he resolved again by crossing the finish line, muddy, as if completing one of the toughest classics in cycling. And in that fighting game, Tavares made the difference. He suffered with Bako, there were Sima and Moneke, who were looking for the laps, but his 8 points, 7 rebounds and 3 fouls received in the vital section sentenced the contest (19 + 13 for a total valuation of 32). Beside him, Rudy, with his watermark on defense and 15 goals (5 out of 11 out of three).

After two outbreaks of the virus in each team and 24 days in the premises and 12 in the visitors without competing, we did not know what to expect. Perhaps a duel with the air of the second preseason, but that inactivity was more noticeable in the starting whites, especially mentally. Baxi Manresa came out wanting to play, to celebrate with their people, and soon got into flour, from 9-2 to 13-6 with Thomasson punishing from the middle distance. Forced time-out and reaction from the leader, with a 0-7 in one minute. Tavares missed a mate and then received two unspoken fouls, he began to despair, to raise his arms, to look at the referees, and Laso exchanged him for Poirier in a preventive way. Up to 21 players on the court in the first quarter, the two technicians wanted to give their team air to catch the rhythm, one high. The presence of Rudy gave Real another bite on defense and hit the triple. From 1 of 6 in the first act to 6 of 11 in the second. Good minutes for the Spanish international Yankuba Sima, although if Madrid did not manage to open a gap when he threatened to break (28-35) it is because he let power forward Luke Maye loose in two triples and gave away cascading balls, losses that cut the acceleration. One every two minutes at break. The merit of the Baxi was there.

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In the third quarter, the success was unleashed to a 30-28: Bako, Causeur and a great streak of Sylvain Francisco with 8 points and 3 assists in 4 minutes. Tie at 68, and the winner would be decided by sprinting. With 80-75 Rudy and Llull appeared to tie the tie to the locals and equalize. A mate by Tavares and a robbery with a basket by Williams-Goss gave Madrid air: 85-88. Both got stuck, Manresa missed the shots and Madrid didn’t even see the hoop and threw on the possession horn, taking the ball off of them. The rebounds of Tavares in attack held the drift, the last defender, with the immediate foul received and the two free throws made, sentenced the merengue victory at the Nou Congost, one more year and they are 24. Edy went to the bench with 5 remaining seconds applauded by the swollen Manresa.

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