Home Sports Tavares is already here and Madrid shatters Andorra

Tavares is already here and Madrid shatters Andorra

Tavares is already here and Madrid shatters Andorra

The preseason has not yet left us, but there is less. We saw it in Andorra, in its poliesportiu, where a whole country plays, its motto, with two teams that scored a jerk and that closed with a second half of a Madrid at another level (58-86). He went out to finish the game then and crunched his rival almost accidentally. Tavares is back: 15 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists and 5 blocks for a PIR of 26. At his side, Hanga (12 goals and 3 out of 4 out of three) and Yabusele (12 + 6) were overwhelming for the locals. “We wanted to please and it was a disaster,” summarized Ibon Navarro in Movistar +.

It was difficult for MoraBanc to find the energy to fight the targets, and when it did, the precipitations, losses and errors in shooting, all derived from its lack of offensive fluidity, prevented it from taking flight. The presence of Tavares under the basket did not allow it either. Something similar happened to Real, although in a different way. He started playing like the angels, when the lack of local intensity made his work easier. Heurtel ruled, up to five assists in a cascade in just six minutes, facing the 2×2 with Tavares flawlessly: 0-10 and then 6-16.

The Andorran reaction came from the triple, first Hannah and then Paulí and Sergi García, 12 of the 14 goals in the quarter from long distance. Success in that section and more activity behind, which forced Madrid four losses in the first act and six more in the second (10 at half-time at 16 at the end). Heurtel lost several balls and wanted to make up for a bad shot by adding two more, which threw water into the good wine at the beginning. With the rotations the sensation of runner-ups was accentuated, the sequence of errors. Yabusele once again exhibited qualities: power, speed, shooting and great reaction capacity for his size. His first relief, Vukcevic, entered with the lesson read: “No silly mistakes, defense and close the rebound”, the basics for a youth player who is already 2.13 m barefoot. He committed two quick fouls and didn’t get on the wheel, without a backup four (you know, Randolph and Thompkins injured), it’s his chance. There he played even Rudy on his return to action.

Wiliams-Goss, meanwhile, helped back but did not connect, he played two shots out of obligation and without conviction. Better in the second half, as always: “We ask him for more things and for him to write down,” Laso said in the preview. He coincided on the court with Alocen, who brought verve, accelerations and two triples in a row. Moussa Diagne, meanwhile, enjoyed basketball a year and a half later. Few transmit so much passion on the court, the soul of a leader.

In the resumption, Andorra was in the ointment, from which Madrid took him abruptly with the hands of Tavares and the success of Hanga and then closed the boat. Real distributed six basket passes in the third period, lost only two possessions and nailed five triples from eight attempts, three in a row by Hanga with the following sequence: receiving well planted, a short pause and a perfect execution. Good previous circulation allowed it. Then Tavares would emerge in the continuation and even in transition, and Yabusele raised the +22 with a 2 + 1: 40-63. The Frenchman opened the last quarter with a high-flying mate. The pulse had burst shattered by Madrid. Very wide triumph (+28), yes; not enough because the Breogán River continues to lead by nine points in the general basket-average before visiting the Palau. New incentives in the League.

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