Tavares’ final response to Real Madrid: key hours

A decisive moment in the relationship between the basketball player and his club

The future of Edy Tavares, star player of Real Madrid basketball, is in suspense while there are exactly twelve months left to end your current contract. However, the positions between both parties are far from reaching an agreement. The Madrid club wants to keep its franchise player, who will turn 32 in 2024, and is willing to offer him a renewal until 2027 with a significant salary increase.

Nevertheless, the amount demanded by the Cape Verdean is well above the expectations of the club, which has led to a situation of stalemate in the negotiations. During this season, the player has received around 1.7 million euros net, a figure that the player considers insufficient compared to his achievements in the last four years, where he has established himself as the best center in Europe.

Tavares Real Madrid
The deadlock in the negotiations

Uncertain future for Tavares at Real Madrid

Therefore, to renew his contract, the player has requested a salary of approximately three million euros net. However, Real Madrid is not willing to meet this demand, considering it exorbitant and outside the salary parameters that they have traditionally handled in the basketball section. The club has shown interest in maintaining salary moderation, especially after observing the drastic budget cut carried out by its eternal rival, Barcelona.

The negotiation between Tavares and the club is currently at an impasse, which has aroused the interest of several NBA teams, who are eager to have the Cape Verdean giant in their ranks. Among all of them, the Portland Trail Blazers seem to be the most interested and would be willing to open the doors of their franchise for him. immediately.

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The next few hours will be crucial

However, before taking that step, Tavares should face his bulky termination clause or negotiate an installment payment with Real Madrid, just as Facundo Campazzo did at the time. Should the club not accept any of these options, the center could serve out the remaining year of his contract and then freely join the Blazers or even another European team next summer.

Uncertainty hangs over the future of the player, as basketball fans eagerly await a final answer. Will you continue at the Madrid club, overcoming the differences in the negotiations? Or will he work his way up to the NBA and find a new challenge in the Portland Trail Blazers or another European team? Only time will tell how this story will unfold, but one thing is certain, the next few hours will be crucial in making decisions that will mark the fate of Edy Tavares.

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