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Tavares, Best Defender of the ACB

Tavares, Best Defender of the ACB

The Real Madrid player Walter ‘Edy’ Tavares is, for the third time in a row and since the award was created, the Best Defender of the Endesa League thanks to his “intimidation” and his 2 average blocks in the competition. “He has done it again. The intimidation and defense of the Real Madrid center has prevailed once again, being crowned the Best Defender of the Endesa League 2022-23 for the third consecutive year. The one from Cape Verde continues to be the owner and lord of an award that was established in 2020-21, with Tavares as the only player who has managed to inscribe his name in the list of winners of such an award”, announced the ACB.

After the dispute of the first 30 days, the Real Madrid center averages 2 blocks per game and is the outstanding leader in the top of blocks, where it is already in fourth place in the absolute historical ranking of the competition. Tavares ranks seventh in offensive rebounds (2.3) and totals (6.2), twelfth in defensive sacks (3.9) and tenth in More/Less (+7.2), to which he adds one twenty balls recovered (0.8 on average) in the global financial year 2022-23.

A jury made up of nine experts (coaches Joan Plaza, Josep Maria Raventós, Jota Cuspinera and Anna Montañana, former player Albert Oliver, journalist Antoni Daimiel, content creators Atiga and ViTuber and expert in advanced statistics Ander Isuskiza) chose Tavares, again, as the best defender. Each member of the jury awarded three, two and one points to the players who stood out the most in defensive tasks, and Tavares was the winner of the vote with 16 of the 27 possible points. He was closely followed by Alberto Díaz (Unicaja), with 13, completing the podium with Ethan Happ (Río Breogán), who finished with 11 points.

But it was Tavares who obtained the highest score out of four members of the jury (Albert Oliver, Josep María Raventós, Jota Cuspinera and Ander Isuskiza). For his part, Alberto Díaz was chosen by Anna Montañana and Joan Plaza, while Ethan Happ was the favorite of ViTuber, Atiga and Antoni Daimiel. Up to a dozen more players appear in the voting. With two points are Darius Thompson, Guillem Vives, Howard Sant-Roos and Marc Gasol, and with one are Matt Costello, Rudy Fernández, Andrew Albicy, Tryggvi Hlinason, Sergi Quintana and Jan Vesely.

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