‘Tattookiller’ arrested after serious threats to bitcoin company

“If you decide not to pay, we will make your life a true nightmare,” a ‘Tattookiller’ sent to the founders of a large Dutch bitcoin (BTC) company. The tattoo killers is a group of four criminals, one of whom has now been put behind bars for extortion. Together with his accomplice, Tattookiller Brian would have demanded one million euros.

“I will send my hyenas at you”

The messages that the tattoo killers sent to the founders of the bitcoin company were not tender. It started with the first sentence of the article, but texts like “I’m sending my hyenas at you again and again. I will attack you, your family and your loved ones.” According to the judiciary, they also sent an envelope with bullets and a letter with the text: “Be smart, contact me on Wickr: carambacaramba. Pay and you are free to go. You get 1 chance. Test me and your family will soon suffer the consequences. This is a war you will not win.”

The victims of the threats are the founders of one of the first bitcoin companies in the Netherlands. The names of the more than 50 employees can be found on the website, but only the photos of the two founders can be seen.

Both the founders and the family of the two are very shocked by the whole thing. Immediately after the threatening texts came in, the two filed a report.

Tattoo killers?

According to reports, the tattoo killers have already struck several times. Brian P., the person who has now been arrested, is one of the leaders of the group, according to justice. According to the police, it is a brigade of assassins that has already liquidated several targets.

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Brian would be responsible for the management with his brother Cor. The latter was shot down in the Dominican Republic last year. The group calls themselves the tattoo killers, because they all have the same tattoo on their back. Not a pleasant group and it is for the founders of the company to hope that this is the end of the matter.

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