Tatis, Ozuna and Pujols are treading different paths in the Major Leagues

Last winter Albert Pujols, Marcel Ozuna and Fernando Tatis Jr. led their lives in different space-time; today their paths continue along opposite paths.

Pujols came in the winter to appear before the Dominican public for the first time. He created a stir around him, he did not make a great offensive contribution to the scarlet cause, however he gave prestige to the magnificent 2021-22 Dominican tournament.

Marcel Ozuna made an appearance with the Giants, this after suffering an injury at the end of May and immediately having a domestic altercation that took him out for the rest of the season. El Oso arrived as one more player in Macorís, hand in hand with his friend Moisés Sierra. He gave himself to the cause, was the MVP of the Final Series, gave the Colts their second title and enjoyed the celebration party of the national champions.

Fernando Tatis Jr. had an extraordinary 2021: he signed a 340 million contract, accumulated magnificent records, became the most impressive player and one of the main faces of the Majors. Boys, girls…everyone wanted to be like Tatis, including the children of other players.

El Bebo was a winged being on earth, a kind of demigod, but he ignored the agreements when signing a professional contract, because among other things one should lead a frugal life, exposed to high-risk sports as little as possible (mountaineering, motorcycles , skydiving or other extreme sports). The shortstop spent the winter filming his movie on the networks and giving himself the great life of a young man who at 22 years old was guaranteed 340 million dollars.

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Pujols had to wait until the end of March to sign a contract with the Cardinals. He got off to such a poor start that he hit .188 in May and .158 in June. It was embarrassing to see a player of his lineage go through such unpleasant moments.

The future HOF started its engines in July, harassing Alex Rodríguez (696 homers) in the historical list. He won Player of the Week for the first time since 2012 and although he has said he will not play in 2023, in case he takes a few homers from him for the 700, the most important thing for him is that he is putting the world of baseball at his feet.

Ozuna has once again faced his own demons. It seems that he couldn’t pay for a taxi or tell someone to drive his car after a night out. He has two guaranteed years (2023 and 2024 for 18 million each) plus a team option in 2025 (16 million). Although MLB does not have a suspension policy against drunk driving (DUI), the Creole has received rejection from his own fans.

Tatis Jr.’s losses are heavy: almost three million dollars in salary, the ruined advertising contracts and the stigma of the accusation. He will have to prove to San Diego, a city of 1.4 million inhabitants, with the Padres as the only professional team, that he is the figure in whom a million was invested. Tatis’s slightest slip from now on will be enough to get him excommunicated from the business.

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