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Tariff shield, food check… The government will unveil new measures for purchasing power

Tariff shield, food check… the government’s measures will soon be revealed. The amending finance bill intended to adopt a package of measures to support purchasing power will be presented to the Council of Ministers after the legislative elections on June 12 and 19, the government spokesperson announced on Wednesday. “This text has already been worked on, prepared and will be presented in the wake of the legislative elections to be adopted very quickly”, declared Gabriel Attal after the Council of Ministers. He thus denied press information on a possible presentation before the election, which would have allowed the majority to occupy the social terrain during the campaign with this text.

This package of measures will include an extension of the tariff shield on gas and electricity prices until the end of 2022 as well as a “sustainable and better targeted device” than the 18 cents discount on fuel prices, said he detailed. The question of purchasing power, already at the heart of the presidential election, will remain a major theme during the legislative elections, carried in particular by the New Popular Union of Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the National Rally of Marine Le Pen.

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Tripled Macron bonus

Emmanuel Macron had announced during the presidential campaign a package in the summer for the first measures on purchasing power. The rise in energy prices, induced in particular by the war in Ukraine, “brings new dangers to the portfolio of the French”, underlined Gabriel Attal. In addition to the measures on energy and fuel prices, Gabriel Attal recalled that the “Macron bonus”, paid to employees in respect of the results, will be “tripled”, the charges for the self-employed reduced – “i.e. 550 euros of gains per year at the level of the SMIC for an independent “- and the point of index of the Public service “thawed”.

Social benefits will also be increased on July 1 “without waiting for the usual calendar”, as will pensions, in order to take inflation into account, he added. The Head of State wants to increase the minimum old age to 1,100 euros net. The food vouchers promised by Emmanuel Macron to help the most modest to supply themselves with local, sustainable, even organic food products, will also be launched “as of this summer”, indicated the spokesperson.


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