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Tardozzi: "At Ducati, they like to win better by beating Márquez"

TO Davide Tardozzi, team manager of Lenovo Ducati, It is never difficult for him to show his face, but after runs like the one experienced yesterday at the MotorLand circuit, in Alcañiz, he is even more accessible if possible. Winning is always a joy for any factory, but doing it by beating public enemy number one, which is what Marc Márquez is for his main rivals, gives even more joy. The Italian attends to ACE after Francesco Bagnaia’s first victory in MotoGP and he has no problem admitting that “Ducati likes to win better by beating Márquez. It gives absolutely more pleasure, because Márquez is Márquez.”

That is respect for the rival and great champion. That it is not interpreted as arrogance or a desire for vendetta, because that is not the tone of Tardozzi’s statement but the opposite. It is of admiration for a Marc whom he would like to have in his ranks for a long time. The Italian, by the way, did not keep track of Marc’s seven cannibalistic attacks: “I could not count the attacks that were, but they lived well in the box because we know Pecco. It was really cold. It was the ice man. To answer Márquez seven times in three laps you have to be a champion and, above all, you have to be very convinced of your ability, of how strong and brave you are. Pecco has shown with this victory much more than the speed that he carries within him. He has shown to have the head of a champion. “

Asked how much credit there is in the Italian’s victory of the powerful Desmosedici and how much of the rider himself, Tardozzi says: “The Ducati helps in certain situations and Pecco does it in others. The package always wins. It’s never just the bike or the rider. It is the combination of both. Pecco has felt very comfortable since the first lap of FP1 at this circuit, we were very sure that he would fight for the victory. We honestly believed that at some point Marc would slow down and settle for second, but a great champion like him needs to try and has done what needs to be done. Even with some problem that he has, he has once again shown that he is a great champion, although here Pecco has beaten him “.

Pecco’s victory, together with Quartararo’s eighth, gives him still some title option, because he is now second 53 points away. In this sense, Tardozzi sentences: “Never say never.”

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